Two-Row Lager is a crisp refreshing beer, with a golden colour and smooth sweet malt character from the lager malt.  These flavours are enhanced by our European lager yeast strain, provided for your primary fermentation.
In most lagers produced from brewing kits, the hop aroma is lost in the process of creating a malt extract.  Two-Row Lager is late hopped, infused with New Zealand Hallertau hops, to create a delicious aroma of passionfruit and citrus. 
This highly drinkable lager is best enjoyed at 3-5C, as an accompaniment to seafood or grilled chicken salad.  This Malt Shovel Craft Brewing Kit is all malt, with no sugar or other adjuncts - so your brew will have a richer character and texture, luscious flavours and a fuller mouth feel.  And since few commercial beers use an all malt brew, this handcrafted beer could compare favourably indeed.  The challenge is now yours.


This cloudy Summer Wheat Beer is a highly drinkable brew, with its distinctive flavour and spicy clove aroma.  Summer Wheat Beer is brewed using sixty percent wheat malt and forty percent pale malt.  The grains are fermented with a German yeast strain to produce a complex flavour with tangy notes of citrus, finely balanced by the bittering hops.  This refreshing wheat beer is best enjoyed chilled, as an accompaniment to seafood or a fruit platter.  


This smooth Pale Ale is based on a traditional brewing recipe from England, the birthplace of this full-bodied bitter style.  Its distinctive spicy aroma is provided by a Saaz aromatic hop extract, which has been infused into the malt extract.  A subtle combination of ale malt and caramalt creates the strong malty characteristics.  Pale Ale is best enjoyed at 5-7C, as an accompaniment to spicy curries or smoked barramundi.  


Nut Brown Ale has a smooth creamy texture and distinctive malty aromatics, produced by prolonged roasting of the malt during kilning.  A carefully selected blend of lager malt, caramalt and chocolate malt contributes to the complex flavour profile.  Toasted flavours provided by the chocolate malt complement subtle biscuity notes from the caramalt.  Chocolate malt also creates the rich copper colour and a delicious nutty aroma.  The result is a full-bodied brown ale with a smooth malt sweet finish.  Nut Brown Ale is best enjoyed at 10C, as an accompaniment to roasted pork or leg of lamb.   


With its creamy rich finish, Deep Roast Ale is a dark beer drinker's dream.  Its prominent roasted and caramel flavours are produced by three specialty malts - chocolate malt, caramalt and crystal malt.  Chocolate malt develops a full chocolate mouth feel and distinct liquorice flavour.  Caramalt and crystal malt combine to create a roasted coffee flavour, complemented by a slight sweet fruitiness from the ale yeast.  A pleasant bitter finish provides the ideal balance to these complex malt flavours.  Deep Roast Ale is best enjoyed at 8-10C, as an accompaniment to Yorkshire pudding and rich meat dishes.  


This Oatmeal Stout boasts a toasty palate, with delicious roasted aromas and a rich black colour.  A combination of lager malt, caramalt, chocolate malt, roasted barley, roasted malt and malted oats brews together to produce a balanced malt character.  Its round flavour profile of chocolate, sweet malt and roasted caramel is complemented by subtle notes of liquorice.  A refreshing hoppy bitterness provides the ideal balance to a gentle roasted finish.  Oatmeal Stout is best enjoyed at 10-12C, as an accompaniment to rich oysters or strong meat stews.